Which hard drive is better for playing games


1. Good solid state drive: The reading and writing speed of solid state drive is generally about 400MB/S~500MB/S, and the stability is also good.
2. The ordinary mechanical hard disk with 5400 rpm: 50-90MB per second, and the hard disk with 7200 rpm: 90-190MB per second.

  3.The specific parameters depend on the motherboard hard disk interface, motherboard bus speed, etc. Simply put, a high-end motherboard is required. The main parameters are SATA3.0, USB3.0, Chinese BIOS, etc.

  4. Give an example of the difference between the two: a game is 1GB, if the solid state drive is turned on, it takes about 3 seconds. Of course, this is a theoretical state, but in fact it will be different. It takes about 15 seconds if the machine is turned on, and it is also affected by the processor, memory, etc.

5. Practical phenomenon. In daily use, mechanical hard drives often turn around when opening something, which means loading, while solid state is directly opened. This phenomenon basically does not exist. Some low-end Except the motherboard, because the hardware must be high and high, and the right one is right, otherwise it will drag down the overall experience.