The history of USB Flash Drive development


The development of every new thing has its own laws of natural development, let alone an ingenious historical drama. The U disk we use every day has brought us convenient life, study and work. What kind of development history does it have for such a great contributor? Let's talk about the development history of U disk together today.

  The invention of the USB flash drive

When U disk replaced floppy disk as a common mobile storage tool, few people knew that U disk was not a product name but just a company-registered flash disk trademark, and this invented the world’s first flash disk and won the world’s honor for flash disks. A company with basic invention patents, its founder, one of the holders of invention patents, and President of Harbin Netac Technology Co., Ltd. Lu Zhengbin. Netac is leading the development trend of the global mobile storage industry together.

The "OnlyDisk" branded by Netac Corporation is the world's first new generation storage product based on USB interface and using flash memory (Flash Memory). Flash memory is the only one in the computer storage field in China in the past two decades. Chinese original invention patent achievement.

  U disk, USB interface and plug and play

   In layman's terms, USB is one of the interface types that connect peripheral devices to the host computer. In addition to the USB interface, there are also interfaces such as a parallel bus. However, the USB interface has a great advantage that makes it very popular in this field, that is, the device with this interface can be plug and play on the computer (plug and play is sometimes called hot plug).

   When the computer is turned on, the peripheral devices must be turned on first, and then the power of the host computer, but the order is reversed when shutting down. The reason to follow this boot sequence is that before the computer starts, all peripheral devices must be turned on and ready, and then wait for the host to check these devices one by one and install the corresponding software. Only in this way can the computer operate normally, otherwise the peripheral device may not be available or the computer cannot recognize the peripheral device.

The emergence of the USB interface has changed this situation. If a device is a USB interface, it can be inserted into the host computer at any time regardless of the state of the computer at this time. If you want to remove the device, you only need to follow the specifications. The operation can safely remove the device from the computer. This undoubtedly provides great convenience to people's study and life.

Therefore, from the name of the U disk, we can see that this storage disk has a USB interface, because this storage disk is a USB interface, so this storage disk can also be plug and play on the computer, that is to say, this storage disk It is a removable storage disk, it can be carried with you. Therefore, the U disk in a broad sense actually refers to a mobile storage device. The U disk in the narrow sense only refers to the flash disk.

  Flash disk refers to a removable storage disk that uses flash memory technology to store data and information. Flash memory technology is a storage technology that has just emerged in the computer field for a few years. Compared with traditional electromagnetic storage technology, it has many advantages: First, this storage technology has no mechanical movement in the process of storing information, which makes its operation very stable, thereby improving its seismic performance and making it all The most shockproof device among storage devices. Second, because it does not have high-speed rotating discs such as floppy disks, hard disks, and optical discs, its volume can often be made small. The reason why current MP3 players can be made small is because of the use of this storage technology.

  The wheels of history are all moving forward. Perhaps one day in the future, we will solve the problem of U disk FLASH cost. U disk and mobile hard disk may be combined into one product. All of this is worth waiting for.