The difference between SSD and HDD


Solid state drives, that is SSDs;

Ordinary hard disk, also known as mechanical hard disk, referred to as HDD.

So what's the difference?Today we will briefly discuss the differences between SSDs and HDDs.

HDD hard from early a few G development to now, a few T on speed and has a rapid increase of addressing, but as the technology matures and the demand of the market, SSD SSD NAND flash memory chip density increasing, the application of solid state drives is also more and more, we can from the following points to see the difference between the SSD and HDD.

Overall comparison:SSD in the data read speed, seismic capacity, power consumption, sound operation and fever, compared with the ordinary HDD mechanical hard disk has obvious advantages, SSD applied in computer switch machine, large loading and data transmission and so on, compared with the HDD mechanical drive faster, SSD SSD read speed is generally can reach 400 m/s,The write speed can also reach more than 130M/s, and its read and write speed is 3-5 times that of HDD mechanical hard disk.These are also SSD's biggest selling points.

In addition, we can also recognize the differences between SSDs and HDDs from the following points:

1, capacity,

Previous SSDs were typically between 64Gb and 512Gb, and SSDs over 512Gb were rare and, although very few were available, very expensive.And the traditional ordinary mechanical hard disk, now is basically between 500GB-4TB, the capacity is very large.

3, the price is

Although the price of solid state hard disk is gradually reduced, but the current price is still significantly higher than the mechanical hard disk, at present about 120GB solid state hard disk, the price is generally more than 200 yuan, 256GB solid state hard disk in about 400 yuan, and 500G, 1TB mechanical hard disk price are below 400 yuan, as far as the price is concerned, the mechanical hard disk is cheaper.

4, write times

SSDs have a write limit, which means they have a lifetime problem. The SLC master SSD has 100,000 writes, while the typical MLC master on an entry-level SSD only has 10,000 writes. In theory, the SSD will have a shorter lifetime, but practical testing can reveal that.The MLC1 master SSD also lasts about five years for daily use of SSDs, so life is also possible.While the mechanical hard disk has no write times limit.

5. Data recovery

After the data on SSD SSD is deleted, it cannot be recovered by data recovery software, while the traditional HDD mechanical hard disk can be recovered by some professional data recovery software, which is also a disadvantage of SSD SSD.

Here, I believe that we have a comprehensive understanding of the difference between SSD and HDD, SSD is the biggest highlight of the read speed is fast, that is, fast, for users, the speed is fast not broken is the point.However, compared with HDD, SSD also has some disadvantages, the most important one is that the capacity is not large, and the price is relatively expensive. Therefore, the current hybrid hard disk solution of SSD+HDD is more suitable, which can bring speed experience while also taking into account the demand of large capacity data storage.