SSD Installation Tutorial -SSD Factory Edition


SSD installation tutorial

When buying an SSD SSD for the first time, many friends may think that SSD installation is not too troublesome.Actually otherwise, the friend that uses SSD to broad initial stage makes a brief introduction today.I hope this tutorial on SSD installation can help you with some of the problems you may encounter in the process of SSD installation.

SSD installation tutorial details:

Preparation tools: a WinPE boot USB flash drive

First of all, SSDs are different from mechanical hard drives in that SSDs must run in AHCI mode.AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) is better suited to the SSD SATA storage device communication protocol than the old "IDE" virtual mode.When AHCI is enabled in the motherboard BIOS, SSD supports NCQ (NativeCommandQuue, native command queue). As the queue depth (QD) increases, performance increases geometrically, while IDE does not support NCQ, and performance does not change significantly with the increase of queue depth.

Before installing a new SSD system, we first enter the motherboard BIOS to set SATA mode. PS: Remember to turn on AHCI mode in the motherboard BIOS, because the NCQ feature in AHCI is very important for SSD.

1, first in the computer boot menu or enter the BIOS set U disk as the first boot disk, in the motherboard BIOS boot items - boot option properties - select the priority order of boot.Save after selection, U disk boot.

2, after restarting the computer, wait for a while to load Windows PE, and then you can enter the PE operation operation desktop.

3, the newly bought SSD is not partition, we choose WinPE partition tool "DiskGenius" for partition, partition selection must remember to check the "alignment to the following sector integer multiple", that is, we often say SSD 4K partition alignment, SSD must be set 4K alignment,Only then will play out the high speed performance.

4. After the division, the initial SSD installation is basically completed.Next is the friends themselves to install the SSD system.

Hope this chapter simple SSD installation tutorial can bring help to wide friends!