What is the Boot USB Flash Drive?


What is Boot USB Flash Drive?

Boot USB Flash Drive as the name suggests is to start the computer's USB Flash Drive, the computer is usually started by reading the hard disk data, or start from the CD-ROM drive. But if there is a problem with your hard drive and your computer doesn't have a CD-ROM drive, you'll need to make a boot USB Flash Drive to boot your computer.

So how can you do a good Boot USB Flash Drive?

First, USB Flash Drive preparation:

1, Download the USB Flash Drive from the Internet to start the latest version of the production tool to the computer.(Best to download to the desktop, easy to find)

2, Before running the installation program, please try to close the anti-virus software and security software, these security software involves the removable disk read and write operation, some of the soft false positives may lead to production failure!

3, After the download is completed, in the Windows XP system directly double-click to run, if it is other systems can be right-click to run as an administrator.

4, Open the downloaded program, insert USB Flash Drive, in the disk list will automatically list the current computer in all the removable disk of the disk character, model, capacity and other information.

5. Select the boot USB Flash Drive you want to make. The boot mode is USB-HDD or USB-Zip, and the default mode is USB-HDD.CHS mode is mainly for some BIOS that cannot be detected, generally do not need to check this box!If you want to convert the rest of the USB Flash Drive to NTFS format, you can check the NTFS option. Note: Formting to NTFS will affect the use of the boot part of the USB flash drive. This option is not recommended unless you need to store a single file larger than 4G!

6. Click the one-button "Make" button to star the USB Flash Drive production program, which will prompt whether to continue or not. The point after confirming that the selected USB Flash Drive has no important data is to start the production. (If the production fails, please try to execute the initial USB Flash Drive before making.)

7. Successfully start the USB Flash Drive, press Ctrl+Alt to release the mouse, and click Close Window to complete the operation.

Tip: Making the boot disk will format the USB Flash Drive. Please make sure the important files on the USB Flash Drive have been backed up in advance.