KDATA industrial-grade USB HUB splitter


WeChat marketing with three-dimensional, high speed, convenience, universality and high arrival rate, high exposure rate, high acceptance rate, high precision, high convenience advantages in today's new customer flow costs are rising, has become extremely popular.

With the continuous change of mobile phone WeChat marketing software, a mobile phone group control software appears on the market, which can control dozens or hundreds of mobile phones by using a computer at the same time.It provides great convenience for WeChat marketing.As an excellent intelligent hardware supporting provider, KDATA Shenzhen Kingfield Technology has developed an industrial-grade intelligent multi-port USB HUB distributor specially used for supporting mobile phone group control software.

usb hub

KDATA 16-port USB distributor highlights:

1. KDATA USB HUB equipment adopts internationally leading energy-saving USB HUB main control chip, with low power consumption and low calorific value;There are 16 standard USB ports, which can support 16 USB devices to connect to the computer to transmit data at the same time.

2, KDATA USB wire distributor is standard equipped with 12V8A high-power power adapter, the total power up to 96W, the single port up to 5V/1A, to meet the USB data transmission of smart phones, mobile hard disk, law enforcement instrument and other devices of the large current demand.

3, power supply two-stage step-down design is safer (220V step-down to 12V, 12V step-down to 5V), double protection from the source to ensure our safety.

4, Triple current overvoltage and overcurrent protection (overload protection IC, IC, power supply), each USB port has short-circuit overload safety insurance, short-circuit or overcurrent automatically disconnect the device will not be burned out, the corresponding USB port LED light is off, self-protection, does not affect other USB port work will not affect the whole equipment.

5. The main power switch can easily control the switch of the USB hub without plugging and unplugging the charging plug.

6, Industrial-grade structure design, "up, down, left and right" three-dimensional heat dissipation, to ensure that the charging station can work for a long time, stable and efficient.

7, Industrial-grade PCB circuit design, better electronic components, industrial-grade solid state capacitor, I-shaped inductor < high conversion efficiency, all-package anti-electromagnetic radiation >, LED indicator light, etc., higher charging efficiency, better working stability.