How to choose a solid state drive as a game disk? M.2 or SATA?


Since the SSD solid state drive has been applied to our PC computer platform, it has gradually replaced the familiar mechanical hard drive that has a stable feel and is prone to damage by external forces with technical features such as small size, resistance to damage and high performance in reading and writing.

Thanks to the continuous iterative and updated technical support of the SSD solid state drive, the performance of the SSD solid state drive is continuously improved, and the product form is also constantly updated. Up to now, it is highly integrated and miniaturized design, directly relying on the motherboard PCIE data bus and the M.2 interface for internal power supply. And with the increasing volume of SSD products with M.2 interface, the price also drops, more users will choose M.2 interface products as the platform's storage device choice, or upgrade the PC platform to support M.2 The version of the interface.

And recently, a friend encountered a problem that everyone may encounter when upgrading his gaming PC platform, which is what to choose for the game hard drive. In the choice of the main system disk of the platform, this friend does not have any distractions. The SSD solid state drive with M.2 interface is the best choice. The high-speed read and write performance meets the rapid opening of the operating system and the series of applications such as programs. And loading requirements. But he was hesitant to choose a storage disk for games, other applications, and even files. Should I continue to choose the SSD with the M.2 interface, or choose the SSD with the more versatile SATA interface?
Personally, I think that the SATA interface SSD is still the best choice in the choice of game disk or data storage disk, and because it is used as a game disk, I recommend him to choose Samsung's 870EVO. why? In fact, you can take a look at a few points to know.

Why choose SSD instead of mechanical hard disk for game disks

It is estimated that many people say why they would choose SSD solid state drives instead of cheaper mechanical hard drives. After all, they are only used to play games or other things. There is no need to choose SSD solid state drives. It is true that the current mechanical hard disk has the advantages of low price and large capacity, but due to the limited internal mechanical structure of the mechanical hard disk, the read and write speed is much lower than that of the solid state hard disk using the same interface type.

And now, the amount of data read and write during the game is several times larger than before, especially in some mainstream large-scale RPG games. The seamlessly connected map data needs to continuously read the game files, and to deal with this kind of frequent reading or The operation of writing data, a mechanical hard disk with a mechanical structure will only bring a longer waiting time for reading and loading. At the same time, as the use time increases, the probability of failure will increase, and pure electronic components The constituted SSD solid state drive does not have such concerns, and high-speed data transmission can better provide game players with smooth game operation and efficient data loading experience.

Of course, the more important point is that the solid state drive is small in size and does not need to occupy a large space. It is a very suitable product choice for players who want to build a small-sized gaming PC. The mechanical hard disk is more suitable for storing some files such as data backup, photos and videos that are not frequently read and written.

Differences in bus interface

In fact, players who know the hardware know that the protocol used by the M.2 interface is divided into the SATA protocol and the NVMe protocol. The channel bandwidth of the SATA protocol is actually the same as that of the SATA interface, while the NVMe protocol uses the PCI Express channel. The bandwidth supported by it allows SSDs to obtain a read speed of 3.5GB/s, and most of the newly introduced M.2 interface SSDs are high-speed storage devices based on the NVMe protocol, but at present, the M.2 interface SSD is not the best choice for versatility.

The first is the problem of the number of interfaces. At present, most motherboards provide one to three installation positions for M.2 interface devices. However, due to the limited number of processors allocated for PCIExpress, not all interfaces can get full bandwidth support. , Most of them have only one PCIExpress channel support with full speed and full bandwidth. The rest of the interfaces may be speed limited, and even some M.2 interfaces are automatically closed because the CPU cannot provide the corresponding PCIExpress channel support.

The reason why the speed of the M.2 interface is not at full speed or fully open is mainly due to the limitation on the chip. With the introduction of the 11th-generation Smart Core, more and more users will choose Intel’s 11th-generation Smart Core series, but the 11th-generation processors and their matching motherboard chips are different in the PCI Express channel allocation support, especially in the entry There are obvious differences in support between the high-end user group series and the high-end series. In addition to the high system occupancy rate of M.2 interface devices, it also results in the experience that can be experienced when multiple M.2 interface SSD products are used. The problem of high-speed efficiency is not synchronized.

Therefore, for game disks that frequently read and write operations and require high-performance support, KDATA Brand is an SSD solid state drive product with equal price and performance. And although the SATA interface has a gap in data transmission speed compared to the M.2 interface, its interface bandwidth is stable, the number of supported devices is large, and the high versatility is better than M.2, so it is more suitable for use in other than system disks. A choice of hard drives supported by high-performance applications can be provided.