Can waterproof USB Flash Drive really waterproof?


USB Flash Drive has been an indispensable tool in our work and life, have you ever encountered USB Flash Drive turned to the pocket, accidentally washed with the clothes? Or did the flash drive accidentally fall into the water?

Don't worry, now a lot of USB Flash Drive are waterproof USB Flash Drive, I tell you what is waterproof USB Flash Drive, and waterproof USB Flash Drive waterproof principle.

Waterproof USB Flash Drive on the market is now a USB Flash Drive chip, circuit board and master control seamless encapsulation, through the gold finger surface inserted into the computer to read the data of the U disk, because the waterproof USB Flash Drive has no gap, so you can be completely waterproof and dustproof. The UDP encapsulation technology, commonly known as black colloid, is more popular in the market.This waterproof USB Flash Drive can be soaked in water for 3 days without any problem, and it is also fine to use in a humid environment.

At the same time, this waterproof USB Flash Drive, because it is the use of integration process, its size is relatively small, with a small size of the USB Flash Drive appearance, convenient to carry, so now this waterproof USB Flash Drive by more and more users of all ages.

Of course, ordinary USB Flash Drive after soaking water, do not use immediately, place 2-3 days, or after drying with a hair dryer, use again, generally there is no problem.

So waterproof USB Flash Drive can really waterproof oh.