SLC USB3.0 Flash Drive

Using the original SLC chip, long life, high speed

Can provide USB Flash Drive encryption,

file solidification (file cannot be deleted),

file copy, pop-up window advertising,

and disk character and disk icon custom value-added services.

Support BIOS USB-FDD, ZIP dual boot mode.

Can support autorun/webkey

(insert U disk automatically pop up customer advertising pictures, promotional video)

Use for Tesla, BMW, Benz etc.

SLC USB3.0 Flash Drive


60GB 120GB 240GB 480GB

Fast start speed, low power consumption, anti-vibration,

impact resistance, low heat, light and fast

Widely used in Notebooks, Desktops, Servers,

Internet cafes, CCTV, Cash register , Soft routing,

POS Card Brusher and other fields


Industrial USB HUB

Industrial 16 Port USB Charge & Sync HUB

Can be charge for 16 ports at the same time

Current of each port is 5V 2.4A

Apply to:

* Centralized mobile device charging

* Multimedia Teaching

* Multi-screen interaction


Welcome to Shenzhen Jintian Tech Development Co., Ltd.

Suitable for desktop notebook upgrade, intelligent cash register,video surveillance equipment, etc.

Supporting Msata interface high-speed working equipment, this Msata series uses MLC chips.

Good stability, long life, high requirements of equipment.

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