KDATA Jintian Tech hand in hand with American customers to customize the SLC chip industrial high speed U disk


How fast is a USB flash drive you've ever seen?

Let me show you the speed of our high-speed thumb drives:

High speed usb

Guess what size of USB flash drive it is?

Answer: 16G USB3.0 SLC USB flash drive!

Can't believe it?

What is the speed of an ordinary SSD?

Answer: Regular 16GB SSD speed, write 40MB, read 150MB.

Is it against the sky?Our SLC USB drives are certainly faster than multi-channel SSD drives!

As a 12 years SLC high-speed USB flash disk manufacturer specializing in the production of USB flash disk manufacturers, our 16G high-speed USB flash disk currently has 4 speeds to choose from:

SLC high-speed U disk

As shown in the figure above, the first three are SLC chips, but with SLC chips, the speed is really a big difference, so when you choose to choose according to your needs to choose suitable for your USB3.0 high-speed U disk.

In the golden autumn season, Ableson, a customer from the United States, customized a batch of SLC high-speed U disk in our company. The customer chose the bright blue shell and the appearance is also very beautiful!

Industrial-grade USB drives

The customer said that we are a professional high-speed U disk factory, because we have so many speeds for him to choose, the price is very reasonable, so he is very happy to cooperate with us for a long time!We are very happy to see the customer's comment, and we hope to serve more customers!